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At Siquijor Divers Resort we believe everyone has the right to stay in paradise. That is why we have accommodation levels for all budgets

For more information about each room, simply click on the image below

Dorm Rooms.jpg

Dorm Rooms

Republika has 2 dorm rooms, situated in the middle of the resort

Each dorm room has 3 bunks with the bottom bunk being a double bed and the top bunk a single bed

The rooms each have a ceiling fan and locker with key for each bed

Bamboo house.jpg

Bamboo Hut

The bamboo hut is based on a native design and is situated next to the restaurant

It is the closest room to the water and you can fall asleep listing to the waves lap onto the shore

The bamboo hut is a fan room, with its own ensuite

Outside rooms.jpg

Superior Suites

The superior suites are luxury accommodation

They are airconditioned and have cable television

The rooms are large and have a huge bathroom

Each room has a private balcony and faces straight on to the ocean

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