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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Never Dived Before - Not a Problem - Dive Today

Many people do not realise that you do not need to be a certified diver to try scuba diving.


Our PADI instructors can take you on an introductory dive (Also called a 'Discover Scuba Dive')

The best part is that we can do these straight from the beach in front of the dive center or from the boat so you can start from shallow water and get deeper as your confidence grows.

PADI discover scuba diving

What is Involved?

1. You begin by watching a short video (around 20 minutes) created by PADI to explain what will happen on the dive and what to expect.

Watching diving.jpg

2. Your instructor will go over and explain each piece of equipment used in scuba diving so you have an understanding of what it does when you are underwater.

3. Your instructor will explain and demonstrate 3 simple skills (you will do on the dive) on land.


4. You will gear up and either walk into the water or to the boat and head to shallow water, where you will perform the 3 skills (Your instructor will demonstrate underwater).

5. Once you are comfortable and have completed the skills, your instructor will lead you out and through the reef to see corals, turtles, fish and other amazing sea creatures.


3,200 peso. This covers everything except the government's environmental fee of 150 peso.

2000 peso for the 2nd dive (if you wish to do one). Plus the environmental fee.

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