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Where We Are and Our Local Dive Sites
(Click on the name of the dive site to find out more about each one)

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Siquijor Divers Center is located 100m from Lala-O bridge, San Juan. Along the Siquijor Circumferential Road, on the South West Coast of Siquijor

We are:

  • 8.2km from Siquijor port

  • 1km from the centre of San Juan

  • 6km from Lugnasun Falls

  • 12km from the Old Balette Tree

Being central to everything means we are close enough to everything you would want on Siquijor, yet far enough away to provide a quiet, blissful experience

Siquijor Divers has the perfect location to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the Bohol Sea



Sawang, Siquijor scuba diving

Sawang is a bay about 10 minutes from the dive center. This dive can be done from the shore or from the boat. There are beautiful corals on each side of the bay with giant boulders on the inside of the bay that are fun to swim between and are home to many fish species. The middle of the bay is quite sparse with mostly a sand bottom.

Tubod Sanctuary
Tubod Sanctuary Siquijor

Tubod Sanctuary

Tubod Sanctuary is a marine sanctuary located around 5 minutes by boat from the dive center. It has beautiful corals, a wide variety of fish and other marine life and some fun swim throughs. As there are no boats or fishing allowed in the sanctuary, the marine life is abundant and very friendly.

Tubod Point
Tubod Pont Siquijor

Tubod Point

Located on the edge of Tubod Sanctuary and less than 10 minutes by boat from the dive center, Tubod Point is another dive site blessed with beautiful corals, fish and turtles. 

Giant Coral Bed

Giant Coral Bed

Giant coral bed siquijor divers center reef

One of our favourite dive sites on the island.

100% coral cover awaits you with an abundance of all varieties of corals, fish, turtles and other marine critters. The giant coral bed includes underwater pinnacles, canyons to swim through, coral slopes and walls. You could dive here 100 times and still not see everything the site has to offer.

The Wall
turtle on the wall siquijor divers center reef

Siquijor Divers Center Wall / Turtle Corner

This is personally my favourite dive site on the island. The wall starts at 5m deep and goes down to 23m with coral and a wide variety of fish from top to bottom. The best part is turtle corner where we have seen up to 15 turtles on a dive and regularly see 7 or more turtles each dive. The wall links between the Giant Coral Bed and the Coral Garden and is done as a shore dive from the dive center.

Coral Garden

Coral Garden

Coral garden Siquijor

The coral garden, located at the end of the wall, is a large sandy area with coral bombies spread out like a manacured yard with garden beds throughout. Each coral bombie has its own community of fish. You can also find garden eels in the sand patches between the corals. This dive is often done as part of the Siquijor Dives Center Wall shore dive (Depending on your air consumption), but can be done as a boat dive also.

Maite Sanctuary

Maite Marine Sanctuary


In the heart of San Juan and only a short boat ride from the dive center, Maite Marine Sanctuary is one of our most popular dive sites with beautiful corals, swim throughs, common turtle interactions and a magnitude of colourful fish species. As a marine sanctuary, fishing is banned within its perimeter, which only increases the number of marine animals found there.


The River Mouth

Right in front of Lala-O Bridge and only 100m from the dive center, The river mouth is a mix of coral and sand patches and beautiful fish, sea snakes, sometimes turtles and many other fascinating sealife.

The River Mouth

The House Reef

A newly discovered dive site with a beautiful mix of corals and sand patches. Also one of the few coral reefs on the island that reaches depths greater than 20m with corals found in nearly 30m of water. There have been numerous spottings of large barracuda, along with turtles, all the reef fish found around the island mantis shrimps, spanish dancers and other fascinating sea critters. The best par is that this dive is done from the shore in front of the dive center meaning cheaper dives for our customers. We also use this dive site for our courses and night dives.

The House Reef
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