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Power Snorkelling

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Power snorkelling
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Power Snorkelling (Also called 'Snuba' in many countries) is gaining popularity around the world.

It combines the best parts of snorkelling and scuba diving.

You don't have all the bulky equipment, but you can still breathe underwater due to the tank sitting on a specially designed float on the surface.

The best part is, you don't need any certification to do it. Just sign up and you will be power snorkelling in minutes.

Your instructor will show you some basic skills and then lead you from the beach to explore the wonders under water.

Because you start from the shore, we will go at a pace that is comfortable for you at all times.


If you are nervous or simply can't equalise your ears, you can stay at the surface and be comfortable knowing the you have a waterproof snorkel that will not let any water in.

Power snorkelling is suitable for any age and is a great activity to do as a family.

Power snorkelling on the reef
Power snorkelling from the beach
Power snorkelling introduction
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